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Psychological Therapy
adults and children

Therapy can be either online or face-to face in Exeter. I will arrange a first meeting with you to discuss your needs and difficulties and to answer any questions you may have before beginning therapy. I can offer the following:

  • Individual therapy for adults or young people who have experienced bereavement and loss, or who have been through challenging or painful life events, including living with long term physical health issues. Therapy will include emotional support to explore your experience in more depth, to understand your responses to it, find ways of being with it and move forwards with life in a meaningful way.

  • Therapy for adults or young people experiencing anxiety or low mood

  • Trauma informed therapy for young people and families. Young people who have been through trauma, whether from an accident, medical experiences, bereavement or other distressing or frightening life events. Therapy will usually include the parent/carer as well as the young person. This will be discussed at our first meeting. 

  • Therapy assessment: You may not be sure what would be helpful for you. I can carry out an in depth assessment to arrive at an understanding of you or your child's difficulties and to make recommendations for appropriate therapeutic support.

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