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DDP and Therapeutic Parenting - Therapy for adopted and looked after children and their families

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is a trauma informed, attachment based therapy for children and young people who are adopted, in foster care, or being looked after by kinship carers. Therapy always begins with a number of sessions with the adoptive parents or the carers. The child or young person  is  invited to join the therapy once this has taken place. 

Therapeutic parenting support. Being a parent or carer to a child who has experienced early trauma brings its own very particular challenges and frustrations. Children often find it very difficult to accept caring relationships and do not benefit from many standard parenting approaches.  Therapeutic parenting support does not directly involve the child, but I will work with you to think about your child’s needs, your own experience of parenting, and to consider alternative approaches to parenting.


For more information about DDP and whether it may be right for your family, please click the link below:


 Is DDP right for your family? - DDP Network

Most of my DDP and Therapeutic Parenting work is funded through the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) or by Local Authorities for children in foster care. If your family has a social worker they will be able to speak with you about how to apply, or you can contact me direct to discuss this.

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